Sunday, February 19, 2012

{happy birthday}

Dear Sweet Noah:

Some of the very best words I have ever heard in my entire life....."It's a boy".  I still have that piece of paper I scribbled it on as she said those words on the other end of the phone.  Maybe not the most traditional means to learn of whether you were a boy or a girl...but, a phone call that would lead us to you...and such a sweet, sweet life with you.  The best phone call of my life.

I could write a novel about you and everything you mean to us.  There just aren't enough words.  You have given me joy like I've never known.  The ten days before I got to hold you in my arms were truly the longest of my life.  But, more than worth the wait.  We've talked a lot lately about our adoption journey.  I think all four of us {little brother included} feel completely blessed to have been chosen to take this route to our life together.

You.  Wow, you encompass so much.  You are funny in such a funny sort-of way.  {yes, I will still be getting you a joke book;).  Your intelligence shocks me; I pray that you use that gift wisely.  Your loving nature and affection stops me in my tracks {literally as you chase me down for those hugs regularly and I LOVE it!}.  You love God and you are growing that relationship in such a way that makes your daddy and I so proud.   You are the best big brother ever.  I love the closeness the two of you have and pray it never goes away.   I love that you love to read as much as I do.  My favorite time is when we are in our reading room "formally known as the train room" as we are both snuggled up lost in wherever the book is taking us; but lost together.  I love reading a book with you and probably will until you leave my wing.   I love those sky blue eyes even though they give me the hardest time when I try to take your picture.  It's worth it.   I love your Ceasar hair.   I love that you like a certain girl and are totally playing it cool.  I love that you love and surround yourself with such great friends.  They have all become such an important part of our life and without them, I would have missed out on amazing friendships as well.  God works things out in such a wonderful way like that.  I love that you have a list of cousins who you have no clue they aren't acutally cousins by true definition.   Or maybe you do know, but know that it doesn't matter, that family is defined in more ways than one.  I love what your sweet teachers say to me about you.   I love that you are having a heart for missions and are planning a trip for the two of us to accomplish that.   I love the way you tell me I'm beautiful even when I know I'm hideous and in the same yoga pants for two days in a row.  I love how you come behind me when I'm working at the computer for long stretches and rub my shoulders. 

I love how you love all of us.

I get overcome with so many different emotions when I realize that out of the thousands of couples waiting....God chose us to have the awesome honor of YOU.  It overwhelms me.  I am grateful beyond belief.  I just pray that I always live up to why he chose me to be your mother.  I love you with every fiber I am and am thankful every day to be your mom.

Happy 11th Birthday Noah Benjamin!     

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