Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{except for the snoring}

from Molly, all is quiet in my house.

Well, except for Air 1 being on in my kitchen and CNN on in the background.
I guess all of that is quiet for me.  But, due to my yucky woes today, a friend
{a sweet and precious friend} is fetching the boys for me and taking them to
church.  I will sit in the dark parking lot at approximately 7:30 to
retrieve. Darkness being a  priority on a day like today.  I will spare everyone. 

I will be happy, happy to see them.  I'm so disappointed that my first re-entry
day into normal life as we know it has been plagued by sickness for me.  Oh,
well, there is tomorrow.  I am feeling better, which is a great thing that
apparently this is going to be the short-lived variety.  I thought I would put
up a few pictures from the day the chicks arrived when the boys "met" them. 
Well ''the'' boys would actually be one boy because the other peeked and then returned to his book. ;)

He wasn't that impressed they had taken over their bathroom. 

Just a few sweet pics...... 
{pardon the quality, purse camera in hand along with
the heat lamp did not make for a good combo}

The little critters have grown so much in a week, I tend to forget
the short time they stay cute and fuzzy.  Will update soon!

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