Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{bye George}

Yes.  That is a Christmas tree in the background.
In my defense, it is undecorated.

BUT, because the lights went out this year and it was a prelit...
Scott strung and ATTACHED new strings of lights to the
tree so it will no longer come apart.  We've been waiting to take
the entire thing to storage.  But, every time it's planned, something
goes awry.  I think I just need to go ahead and decorate it for next year.

Now, to the point of this post. 
I dropped the boys off at school and headed to the office.
I left the office at 9:30 for a dental appointment.
I returned to the office at 12:30 to work until 2:30.
I then drove back to Greenwood to pick up boys and drive them
back into town for their dental appointments.  Finished at 5.
Both were starving and in the middle of trying to get food for them
Noah informs me he needs a costume of George Washington 
by in.the.morning.  Grrrrrr.....

Off to Walmart to try and come up with something.

He finished up his Power Point in costume.  

And, yes those are clean, unfolded clothes piled on the chair.
BECAUSE....let's not just have to buy a new refrigerator,
a new dryer, but let's just throw in a new washing machine in as well.


Now, off to work on photography stuff as well as a file that
sits in the front seat of my car.  Long night ahead.

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