Thursday, February 9, 2012

{a quick one}

the above is from BH&G. 

I am either thinking up or doing quick little projects since I've been
away from home much more than I ever planned.  This is suppose to be
my down time of the year to revamp for the upcoming shooting year.  BUT...
that little plan got nixed.

ANYWAY....I have the above appliance {or something similiar} to
FINALLY, once.and.for.all. get and more importantly KEEP that
horribly-out-of-control gift closet in my foyer tackled.  Once it's
put together {this project will likely take a full day} I may just have
to put a lock on it. ;)  No Entry {especially by my mom, lol! long story!}

Now, I just want a day off! ;)

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