Thursday, February 9, 2012

{i'm still here}

although actually sitting HERE at my computer has not been a priority of
late.  At least not to blog.  Things like squeezing what little time I have left in
my day before the boys go to bed once I get home from the firm into "family
time" has been the priority.  And, I feel like I've failed at it miserably.

And, I'm on here only for a moment because I have a hot cooked
meal on the stove for a change.  We'll be sitting around the table tonight. 
I actually made a decision to stay home today to get some things done 
that have been direly neglected like laundry, cleaning, getting bills paid,
photography work etc, etc, etc

Will be back soon!

BUT, in the meantime...know that I am dreaming of the beach
when I am organizing 1,478, 811 pages of medical records.
Well, and cupcakes at the beach {THAT was actually a dream a 
few weeks back for real.  TH was involved, although she didn't know it and
what happened??? The alarm clock before I made it to the cupcakes!!} 

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