Saturday, February 25, 2012

{the arrival}

I'm a sucker for packaging. And, they had impressive
packaging, air holes and all. 

The first day of arrival is critical....feed on newspaper, sugar in water, introducing every little beak to water, removing leg tags, and checking all little bottoms for problems.   

So stinkin' cute. 

On the first day, we lost two within hours, two of the same breed actually. 
One broke her neck and the other one was trampled I think.  We lost
a third yesterday and two more are iffy.   I didn't have this amount
of trouble {minus the mama skunk} last year.  It is very sad.  Evan of
course is in tears every time we have to have another funeral.

If you think eggs are fragile, baby chicks are more so. 

As of now, they are residing in the boys bathroom but may get
moved to the garage today if I can ensure the cat won't sneak in.

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