Monday, February 20, 2012


I am completely ignoring the water that keeps leaking out the front of my dishwasher.  I am just stepping over the wet towel I've laid down.

It always happens like this....I tell Scott we are always in some sort of unseen race to see just how much money we can spend.  Several weeks ago, it was the refrigerator.  Then the dryer.  Well, I had to order a new washer this past week, it will arrive Thursday.  And, now, I'm in denial about the dishwasher. Complete and utter denial.

Let's also ignore the drought last year that has caused me to nearly vomit when I paid our feed bill.   I understand why the nation has the lowest cattle herd on our soil in many, many years.  I also understand why I am not buying steak and the fact the true price reality has not hit yet.  If you like beef, stock your freezers now.  

I'm usually not the glass half full kind-of gal.  Typically new appliances mean excitement.  But, not here.   Not again.  It's getting a  tad old.   Or, should I say new?? 

I like old.   I really like old.

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