Saturday, September 1, 2012

{take 2?}

oh me, oh my!

what a week!
considering i thought it was the third week of school 
all of last week instead of the second, it was a mess.  

nothing tragic happened, thank you God.
but, it was way past chaotic.

even for me.

let's see....

i averaged about 3 trips to GW per day.
in one day, i filled over $150.00 in gas in my vehicles.
i already need to refill one of those said vehicles.

i missed MY birthday lunch! 
i'll leave it at that because it is still
too traumatic for me to even "go there."

a tooth for the stinkin' toothfairy got lost.


at least it didn't get put into the washing machine.


i was informed N needed a tie dye shirt on
wednesday night after we had passed the store.
he reminded me thursday night as it was needed
for friday.  i gathered supplies and although it
was fun {INSERT:  do not try to tie dye a 
shirt outside on the patio during a tropical storm}
and, was up at 4:30ish washing the shirt.  
their team lost regardless of our effort to get it just right.
oh. well. 

i hosted a wedding shower last saturday.
i got the final serving dishes hand washed just yesterday.
i hope to get it all put away today.

carpets shampooed last week for that same shower.
little neighbor boy tracked in RED CLAY on his 
muddy boots yesterday while selling us potted mums.

potted mums  already purchased for the shower have
entered a critical state of dehydration ALREADY.
That is three sets of ferns and mums Resting In Peace
way too soon. 

NEVER, EVER, EVER decide to touch up
your painted walls the morning of a big shower.
Regardless of asking for your wall color in flat as 
used before, a mistake or change to the formula may 
have been made.  Don't avoid doing a test spot just in case
because you are running out of time.  Because you
could have such spotted up walls that you have to 
repaint from top to bottom.  

It can be a very painful learning experience.  

But, on a positive note.

The Hogs play today.

My walls go up next week!

I've had some great moments with the boys 
this week.  Priceless. 

I started back to Bible Study {although it wasn't 
on my calendar until September} and am 
turning lemons into lemonade due to a time change.

I've had lots of time cleaning this week. 
{translates into therapy for me}

My fall calendar is busting at the seams, but
I'm ready to embrace it. 

I've been burning fall candles and dreaming
of crisper days.  

I've been planning some projects on our 
farm this fall that will come into fruition next spring.

I am grateful for friends I love and adore.

I am thankful for my sweet little family.

So, with that, AMEN.  The week
was so bad after all! 

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