Sunday, September 9, 2012

{rear-view mirror style}

just some quick snippets for my memory of the past week.
*the school routine was much easier on all of us this week.
*although I had few sessions over the past weeks, I am pulling
another all nighter tonight.  Kicking fall off officially tomorrow. 
*VERY thankful for the rain and cooler temps this week.  
Could have done without the scary front line wind storm I found
myself in the middle of, but, I tucked and ran. 
Well, and hid to be perfectly honest.  
*studio is humming right along.  All sheet rock is up. 
Walls get finished this week.  Flooring picked out {although
I need some opinions in a very bad way}, two more lights
to order.  Electric hooked up {and sweet hubby also
ran electric and water to my girls to make things easier for me}
*i FINALLY found a homemade laundry detergent recipe that
I LOVE!!!  So excited.  I made a few tweaks and am thrilled.
Should one be thrilled over laundry detergent?
Probably not, but saving HUNDREDS of $ a year.
That does make me very happy.  My laundry product
bill was simply PITIFUL!
*i missed a very special baptism this morning because
we were finally able to lay my sweet aunt wanda to rest this morning. 
My brother made her the sweetest headstone.  She would have
been very proud of it.  I am glad she is at peace, but
it was so hard.  Just the three of us there in the cemetery
this morning.   Always so hard to say goodbye.
*i have an extremely busy week ahead.  Five sessions, 
a trip to NWA to hear Amy Grant speak, lots of edits and orders,
boys to love on, dogs and chickens and cows to take care of, 
studio and barn clean up and decisions, a yard to mow {in a
bad way} and the normal humdrum of life. 
busy, but very grateful.  

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Teresa M. said...

Can you post your detergent recipe? I would like to compare it to mine.