Sunday, September 16, 2012

{knock, knock}

or should I say knock off.
And, one that has me skipping!
A little history here.  I am a girl from
the 80's hair era.  So, in high school and
college I was an avid Suave user as it was
With 80's hair, it didn't matter if it was
in good shape.  Because to be honest,
the more fried, the better - it would
stand up even higher.
Oh, how I shudder.
And, burn pictures.
BUT, last year when I was on
my perpetual journey to make
some new discoveries in the field of
beauty since that was exactly where alot of
my $$ was going, I ran into the name brand
of the above.  I got it at Ulta while on sale, but
it was still a hefty price for shampoo and conditioner. 
And, on the flip side, during some of my
attempts to cut back in the beauty budget department,
I had tried some of the Professional Series flavors of
Suave and was not very happy.
Here comes the oh, happy day, skipping part.
I love this one better than the original!! 
It did what it promised, my hair is super sleek and shiny
since I've used it.  Well, that's when I've used it
and actually fixed my hair.  So, don't truly
judge if you've seen me in the carpool line over
the past week solely on how my hair looked.
I did fit some good hair days in. ;)
Just wanted to share and if you
use it, let me know what you think.
Otherwise, I feel like I'm spinning
my wheels on my little discoveries and could
instead be scouring Pinterest. ;)  

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