Sunday, September 16, 2012

{sunday drive-l}

I survived the week.
That is a horrible way to start a post out isn't it?!?
 Maybe, what I should have said was the week wasn't as
hectic as it looked to be.  But, then again, the rain cancelled
three sessions.  Great for editing and catching up.
HORRIBLE on the calendar. 
Fall definitely feels like it is in the air.
I have got to start using my camera to take
pictures to post.  I don't love posts without pictures but
never have the right lense on the camera when I need
to snap a few.  I'm not even certain where my little
red camera is that I purchased for that very purpose. 
Lots of great conversations with the boys this week.
LITERALLY, almost every time I am with them I seem to
hear the quiet tick-tock of the clock that is truly
almost deafening to me.  My time with them is ticking.
In a rapid pace.  But,in saying that - it hasn't been a
negative thing to be so tuned in with it, but I think
it is helping me to stay very intentional with pretty
much every conversation, every hug, every snuggle.
I love them so!
Several things to post and capture on here.
*walls are finished!  all taped up, mudded,
sanded and sprayed.   And, have I picked out the paint?
Well, no.  Maybe tomorrow.  I have to bust into
one of my office furniture boxes and will lug a piece of it
to that nice lady at Kolor Key and let her work her magic for me. 
*two new baby calves for the boys to bottle feed.
Evan's is Penny, or Scarlett or Ruby.  It changes with
pretty much every feed.  Noah's is Stanley aka Stan. 
They are currently residing in the chicken run.  
The girls are quite ruffled about it. 
The calves just want their milk.
Mr. Jeff built a nice little corral for them yesterday.
BUT, thanks to the ants - we had to treat it and will
likely move them out there tomorrow.
In an "uh-oh" moment.....Evan told me today
after church that he was going to ask 
Santa for a calf for Christmas. I tried to remind
him of the difference between Noah's Ark and the
sled.  He didn't budge.  I have a strong feeling
there might me a calf in front of the fireplace
with a big red bow on Christmas morning.
Yep, I see it coming. 
*now he wants a herd of goats.
No comment.
*fall is definitely in the air and I am loving it.
I am determined not to complain about this rain
as we need it so desperately.  BUT, I have
a complete muddy mess on my hands.  There
is a water line dug across my front yard.  An electric
line and water line in front of and to the side of my
chicken coop.  And, a phone line and cable line from
my house to the barn.  It is a mess!  I can't even
begin to paint an accurate picture here.  And, I don't
want to take one, that's for sure!
*walmart does not have my pumpkin spice
coffee creamer.  not that i could have any of it
as i'm on the diet from down under.
*cinnamon cider is burning. 
*boys are playing legos and star wars stuff.
*hard loss for our HOGS yesterday.  thankfully
no new injuries for us.
*big week ahead:  tons of deliveries to make, new
orders to place, edits, a report, 2 family sessions
2 bridals, and a very special wedding.   those
are the big ones - still mouths to feed, clothes
to launder, animals to take care of, church, wrapping
things up for my studio, Bible study.....  
I think I'll just go make myself another pot of coffee.
Without creamer. :(

Ya'll have a great Sunday!

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