Sunday, September 16, 2012

{love notes: 2012 edition}

What ever happened to check yes or no?

Simply:  do you like me? check the box.

The end. 

But, no.  We have received a bevy of love letters since Kindergarten.  Although they've taken quite 
the turn this year.  He brings them home almost daily.  Most of the girls he has never even had a 
conversation with. 

One of our latest ones.....


I love you.  I think you are hot.  But, I am too young to date.
I dream about you when I am asleep in bed.  I daydream about you when 
I am in my class.  

Me + You = Love. 

I realize we are only in the 2nd grade and there are no extreme worries or concerns here.  But, wow.
I'm sorry, but what 2nd grade girl writes a note like that?   How times have changed and are changing.

I prefer the yes or no check the box themed note.

And, I will say that it has spurred me to pray even more for my boys and their futures.  And, whatever
girls come into their lives.   Yes, we are in 2nd grade....but in a blink we will be in 8th, then a sigh and we will be in 10th, another blink 12th.

Depressing, but true.

Tonight I watched two little boys in the back of a cattle trailer meeting their new bottle calves.  I told a dear friend, I sooooo want simple for them.  I want them to live and breath His creation.  I want to keep
them little boys for every moment that I can.  I want to stretch it to be perfectly honest. 

I know that many may view that as unnecessary shielding them, if so, so be it. 
I just plan on my shield being that of some heavy duty prayer.
I sit here and watch protests in Egypt.  An election that makes me cringe.
A world in which Christians are mocked at continuously.
Where values are thrown to the curb.  

It breaks my heart.

I want more for my boys.

He wants more for my boys.

Just give me Mayberry and a Bible any day of the week.

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