Sunday, January 1, 2012

{purge fest}

I have been chomping at the bits to PURGE in a big way!

I had worked and worked and planned on the time after Christmas
to REALLY get after it.  That was my target time frame to begin.
So, I held off with anticipation and finished up my photography work
and then........a HUGE project hit the law firm and they asked for my
help.  I said yes before I realized exactly what all it would entail. 

Stupid, stupid me!

I am a grumpy bear because I gave up so much time with the boys
over break and as much as I wanted to purge and was
the last on my list compared to the boys.   As mentioned,
tomorrow we head out to Houston and should be back home either
late Tuesday night or Wednesday.  Then, I am suppose to report back to duty
on Thursday morning.  I have some serious pondering to do.  I want to help out
and above all do not want to leave my sweet friend in a lurch.  But, I 
think based on everything else going on.......I am going to have to draw
some boundaries for certain.  No more working until 8:45 pm when the boys
are in school.  I cannot keep up like I used to. 

But, over the weekend, when I should have been billing and wrapping up
a report and final edits and orders.....I squeezed  a little purging in to get a
fix! I had a fiasco in the pantry a couple weeks ago and to solve that from
every happening again {I hope!!}  I have invested {truly, an investment}
in different containers.  I've been buying some here and there.  I also
got some cute tags from etsy, but  need a chalk pen as I don't like
using the true blue chalk.   I've also completes various other
small tasks around the house and am literally going to hit
every, single nook and cranny, every drawer, every closet eventually
moving on the over the top garage and ending with the attic.  Then,
it will likely be time to start over again! ha! 

But, I need some space in this house and in the effort to decorate
something went horribly wrong.......clutter invaded in huge way.  In an
eventual overwhelming way.  I do not function well at all {if AT all,
with clutter}.  I have already collected bags of things and there will
be many, many more to come I'm afraid.  It's a disgrace really.  
But, a lesson learned for certain.  I'm ready to breathe in every
area of my life!! 

I got a new camera for my purse recently and wouldn't you know
I can't work the stinkin' thing.  Give me a crazy, complicated one and
it's a breeze, but a point and shoot is a disaster for me.  For example,
I had gone through some terribly mismatched photo boxes and  gave them away
and replaced them with very standard, but matching black photo boxes.
The change was dramatic.  BUT, when I took the pictures, I failed
to have a card in the camera.  My big camera would not have allowed
that. ;)  And, since all of those old boxes are long gone,  I can't reshoot
that one, so you will have to take my word for it, or come over and see. ;)

But, here is a quick peek at an area on the kitchen.  We are all loving
the new containers and once I finish up the labels, they will be
functional and cute.  Cute is always important.  ;)

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