Saturday, January 14, 2012

{a girl can dream}

after the horrible and crazy week I've had.

A week I've spent pretty much away from my home as
I agreed to work on a production project at the law
firm......unknowingly that it would be as big of a deal
as it is.  It's just been very hard.  Leaving to the office
the moment I drop the boys off, still trying to manage
the MD appts, arriving back at home anywhere between
8-10 pm at night.  Let's just say I've been a bucket
of tears this week between my chicken incident and the
fact that my littilest man is not coping well with me being
gone so much.  But, neither is his mommy to be honest. 

So, during my hours and hours with these medical
records, I started daydreaming of a beautiful
drive and a table for two in the corner.  
Let's throw in some breathtaking views while
we're at it.  A roaring fire on a cold, cold night. 
Good conversation, laughs and food. 

You know, like the good old days???

Well, a girl can dream or she can do something about it.

This girl chose not to succumb to the utter exhaustion she
was feeling and go ahead with that January date
sitting in that envelope.   The moment I got off work 
{early, yay!} at 5 yesterday.  I filled the tank with gas
and raced home to pack an overnight bag and we
headed out {sporting my new-do, thanks Amber!}. 
The boys were enjoying steak and lots
of movie time with their mimi and poppy. 

So, we did enjoy the beautiful drive, albeit in the dark. 
A quiet table for two since we arrived for dinner at 
8 pm and the dining room was dwindling.   We looked
out over the mountain of the lodge at all of the twinkling
lights below and above.   Felt the warmth of the beautiful
fireplaces.  And, had that good conversation,
good laughs and good food.    A night without
taking the puppies out, doing any homework {for
the boys or me}, staring brain-dead at the television,
or folding laundry.

It was wonderful. And, we are back at home already
as it is a busy weekend for us.  But, the boys are playing
outside, I am listening to great music, watching
the puppies play and daydreaming about our
 February Date Night.   Completely refreshed.

Operation:  Date Night, a definite success!! 

I love you honey, thanks for smiling at the mess I am! :)

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