Friday, January 6, 2012

{aging gracefully}

A few weeks ago, during break, I had the television on for some
background noise as I was too busy to watch anything.
{reality:  I may watch one show a week other than CNN/Fox}

But, as I was sitting at my desk a "soap" came on that I had
never really watched and never knew any of the story lines, but
in the years had noticed two of the women on the show, two
that I thought were very beautiful.  In my opinion, probably
the two prettiest ones in that industry. 


What I saw a few weeks back made me stare. And, sad.  They have
succumbed to the worldy standard of fighting age with everything
they have.  Which equates to way too much botox and surgery.  I 
do not envy them at all.  I know I apply my night cream faithfully
in hopes the promises of diminishment of fine lines and wrinkles will work.
But, I know there is no miracle in that bottle.

And, I'm not against plastic surgery for a myriad of reasons.  But, when
it comes to changing you into someone that you wouldn't recognize as
you....that makes me sad.  And, into a face that is 
actually pretty scary.   Again, I cannot imagine being in an industry
where you are always under the microscope for flaws; I am not envious
of that in the least.  They were absolutely beautiful, and now distorted.

As the years pass a lightening speed, I know I will {and do!} have
my personal battles; I hope I can make the best of what I have
without drastic measures....or more than anything, true contentment
in the beauty of aging gracefully.  

My "soap box" for the day. Pardon the pun!    

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