Saturday, January 14, 2012

{2012: THE year of change}

for me.

I don't make New Year's resolutions.
But, like so many, LOVE that clean calendar
{okay, so maybe I like the idea of the clean
calendar as mine is a two year and is already
scribbled on tremendously for 2012}.  But,
you get the idea.  A fresh start!  

Personally, something in my soul craves simplicity. 
Always has, and maybe it does for everyone, I
just don't know.  I'm a definite Mayberry gal.  I know
I've had that discussion here a time or two.  Okay, maybe
three. But, I am DROWNING in chaos and have been for
so long. The vast majority of it at my own doing, sadly. 

I've also broached this topic here several times.  I 
always have the very best intentions, but then I fall
short in a huge way of getting to the prize.  Well,
a few months ago, I started having health issues as
a result of this chaos.  I was not {and still am not
doing a great job at it} sleeping, my hiatal hernia
issues from college began rearing their ugly head,
my attention span was that of a knat and the list
could really go on and on.  But, the things that I hold
the most dear to family, friends and health were
suffering in a huge way.  The only positive I can truly say
was occurring during the peak of all of this was that I clung
to my relationship with God.  No matter what was swirling 
around me....exhaustion from lack of sleep, stomach pain,
chasing myself in circles and getting nothing accomplished.......
I still carved out my quiet time with God.  I craved it actually.
{thank you RAE DEAL}.  I type all of this with tears in my 
eyes because I was spinning too many plates and they
were crashing around me.  There was no time for breathing.
And, I know that different seasons of our life are simply
a juggling act, but this was different. It was taking it's toll and
I was crashing.  So, I began seeking changes through Him. 

It started off small.  First, I was determined to clear out the
physical clutter of my home.  If I spend 15 minutes in the morning
looking for shoes or keys with a child crying because he just knows
we're going to be late......well, that breaks my heart and sets the 
start of the day not in the sunrise kind of morning way.   And, 
my house wasn't all that bad to the eye, but I knew what was
lurking in cabinets, closet, on my desk {now, that was bad!}
Basically, I had lost all organization.  Something that I was once
known for.  Crazy.  But, I am wired in a way I cannot function
with things being out of order.  So, basically, I simply wasn't functioning. 

I was determined to get rid of everything that wasn't necessary, 
treasured, and valued in my home.  I started with my closet. And,
to be honest, although it looks much better.....there is still so much excess.
I am still working on the excess.  Because the excess of anything is
what was eating up my time.   I have almost made my first "quick
round" throughout the house, every nook and cranny.  Then, I will
go back and do a true purge over every item.  I have thrown or
given away bags and bags of "stuff."   When you get to the point
you cannot sit down and balance your checkbook and because of that
you have A LOT of money zapped from that account and because
you did not notify the bank timely, it was money well-spent by someone else.  

I am already feeling a difference, but have so, so far to go.  The garage. Gasp.
The attic. Oh, my.  But, things are slowly coming together and I have
to remind myself, my life did not spin out of control overnight, so 
all of my pieces will not get back into place that quickly as well. 

But, I'll post some pictures about my little journey or since I'm into
labeling now..."project: simplify" may visit here occasionally.
On my kitchen counter sits the supplies for a new coupon binder.
I am tackling finances as well.  So, I will keep you posted!

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Carolynn said...

Simplify is my "word" for 2012. With 4 kids, we just have too much stuff and I feel like I can't breathe in our house. I appreciate you sharing your heart!