Sunday, January 1, 2012

{prayer request}

Tomorrow is a big, big day for us.
Something we have waited for only about 6+ years. 

We head to Houston with Scott to visit the post-traumatic brain
injury rehab hospital.  We will be meeting with the team on
Tuesday about 10 am. 

I am praying for God's will and if this is the place, then we
will know without any doubt.  If it is, we are planning on
going back for the hospitalization after the boys are out
of school this summer as they are anticipating a minimum of eight
weeks inpatient.  However, we have the option to begin it now and
that is not totally out of the question, but not very likely as we
could not stay with him at this point with school and the farm. 

So, we are asking for prayers of wisdom and safe travels!    

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