Sunday, January 1, 2012

{making memories}

This year, instead of exchanging gifts {that would very likely eventually be purged;},
Angela & I decided to have a craft/play day for the kids with yummy, healthy
foods like donuts and coffee cake, Christmas cokes and some coffee with our cream. 

Perfectly healthy.

And, as funny as it was that the kids were much more interested in playing
than completely our fun, well-thought out projects.....memories were definitely
made.  It was much better than any gift exchange.  Here are a few pictures
of our memory making day.  The only negative was when it ended!

We will definitely be making this a tradition!

 A PREASSEMBLED Gingerbread House! 
That solves many issues of years past!
It is the first one ever that didn't collapse.

Maybe we should use one for the barn rebuild. ;) 

And, this idea from pinterest as well.  I forgot to "turn" the picture. 
And, it still needed a trunk.

Well, to be honest, still does.  Maybe I'll paint that
before I display it next year. 

But, I love looking at their little hand prints. 
Well, on anything but the windows.

And, really that makes me swoon too!


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