Monday, March 19, 2012


I admit it, I help contribute to the livelihood of FedEx and UPS. 

I've learned the art of shopping from my desk. 
And, typically, I spend far less with this method because
I am looking for something very specific and every other cute
item I spy does not jump into my cart.  Gasp.

Since my rainy, stormy day has not happened as the morning
news said it would, I've cleaned and shopped.

Today I've ordered:

1.  A new phone thanks to my upgrade date - all of my
friends will be happy as I have finally broke down
and ordered the iPhone.  I have a hate/hate relationship
with my droid, therefore, I do not like to talk on it as it
is wicked and hangs up on everyone.  I've blamed it on my
fat cheeks, but, it really has been beyond frustrating as
I can only talk on it via speaker.  And, that is not always
ideal when in public.  Thankfully, Verizon had a special today.

2.  I'm still in the uber-organizing mode; although I've had no
time at all to accomplish much.  But, today I ordered some
Fridge Coasters.  In a pretty patterned turquoise. I detest 
cleaning the spilled contents of the fridge.  Since I nearly broke
a bin last week trying to remove it to wash it....this would be
much more cost-effective than to replace an entire bin.   I'm
attempting to get ahead of hindsight.

3.  A rubber boot tray from Ballards.  Not a bad price either,
surprisingly.  My house has become a muddy mess of late.
And, really, there is no time in the near future I could expect
anything other.   And, since the wood flooring I dream of
is not in the near future either, 
 I'm attempting to "contain" the damage if possible. 
Pretty and functional, the best way to go!

1 comment:

Christy said...

Fridge coasters? I may need some of those. Where did you find them?