Monday, March 19, 2012

Dear Spring Break:

Initially, after seeing the weather forecast, I wanted to ask you
for some reprieve as in "please be nice to us."

I have been looking forward to you since Christmas break.

But, this morning, I decided to embrace you instead of pout. 
Many plans have already been changed because of you.
Some are yet to be figured out because of rearranging the schedule not
once or twice, but, thrice.  

It's okay though.

After working like a mad woman Saturday in an attempt to get things in order
before the monsoon - I mowed.  That may be the understatement of the year.
Mowing the acres I mow after a long winter's sleep = a snail's pace.
It ended though when I mowed the garden hose that had nestled itself in
last years garden brush; it tightly wrapped itself
around my blades.  That ended that.  So, on to the landscaping. 

I pulled and tugged until I could no more.  Then, I gave up and pulled out the
roundup - knowing I had JUST ENOUGH sunlight to cause demise before
the rains hit.  It worked, they are dying.   I'll get back to the beds after the rains.

Then, Sunday morning arrived.  My head pounded in an unusual way.
When I saw my reflection in the mirror, I will say I panicked a bit
with flashes of Kelly's MRSA ordeal.  My eyes were swollen shut.  And,
my right side that was dependent through the night swollen twice its size. 
That lovely pollen.  That is why my head was pounding like a jackhammer.

Lovely.  Plans changed.  That afternoon when the Motrin had
taken effect, we loaded up our car {cars} with family and picnic goodies
and headed to a lake with a beautiful park.  It was so nice, despite no
fish being caught and my crazy brother taking the boys on the hike of their
young lives.  Let's just say I didn't take pictures, because I didn't want to remember.
They wanted to go again.

Today, the waves of the storms rolled through, I chickened cancelled out on
some fun plans with friends because I felt I needed to be home.  You know,
I don't have a very good track record with storms.  Two cars on separate
incidents nearly totaled - one due to hail, one due to flash flooding.   So,
here we are.  BUT.......despite today's rain.....

The boys are playing in the mud.  I'm enjoying their giggles and laughs.
The chicks and chickens have their coop readied for the storm.
The dogs are enjoying a rainy day nap.   I'm rearranging portrait
appointments.  I'm planning a quick road trip with kids in tow.  

The camping trip looks dashed.
The tripS out of town look dashed. 

But, I'm just so happy to have the boys home, mud and all....that 
you won't hear any complaints here.   

Happy Spring Break, everyone!  

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