Sunday, April 1, 2012


my hiatus.

I have a lot to blog about from the last week or so, but
haven't had a spare moment to even sit down and get 
my thoughts together.  At this very moment....I am 
relishing this beautiful Sunday afternoon.  So, I won't
be updating much now either because I want to get
back to doing nothing.  Which is RARE. 

A day of rest for me.
I've given up the notion of working on that screaming
To-Do List.  Today feels too good to do anything. 

We had an amazing day at church.
We had communion this morning which was the
most touching one I have ever participated in.
My tears would not stop.

We had some quick hello's to sweet friends.
A thrown together lunch at home together.

The house is quiet.
Noah is curled up in bed reading.
Evan and I just finished a championship final of Tic-Tac-Toe.
The little stinker won.
Daddy is not here :( but is helping Poppy & should
be back home soon.

Savannah is sleeping on my right side with her head propped
up on my keyboard.  Molly is snoring on my right.  

The house is dark and cool with lamp light only.
And, Cinnamon Cider burning.  ha!  I know, but
it's my favorite fragrance ever!  Even if it's not seasonally correct.

Later, we will venture out to play and take care of the chickens.
Water my monster ferns {HG you will be so proud!}  They
are the largest ferns I've ever had.  Unbelievable.  Now, if
only I continue this daily watering duty as they hang south.

I'll survey the section of landscaping I completed yesterday
but ran out of mulch....15 bags later.  It was the weeding, round-up,
black paper, new mulch, sweating kind of morning.
It will take me all of next week to finish.

Well, I am off of here again.  I may just snooze with the dogs.
I am hoping this repreive will recharge me for the busy,
busy week ahead.

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Jessica S. said...

sounds so wonderful =) love days like those