Monday, March 12, 2012


don't walk.

If you don't have a copy of The Resolution for Women - get one. 

Or, I'll get you one because this is one I can't lend out. 
Next to my Bible, it has become my daily go to.

It has saved me from myself.  It has likely saved my family
from me and my craziness most days. 

It is AAAAmazing. 


I have a small library of my own of so many great books that
I love and will read and refer to over and over.  This has trumped them all. 

It is to be savored, not devoured, if that makes sense.
I wish they had written it years ago. 

As always, I have been struggling with getting back on track
with everything near and dear to me after my stent of working
away from home and sickness for myself and the boys.  

ALREADY today I had vented to two friends over the fact
I am so exhausted, can't keep up, not sleeping, etc. etc.

Since I have already read through the book, now I randomly
open it and study it from that point.  Today was....

Anything, Everything and Whatever

Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do,
do everything for God's glory.  {1 Corinthians 10:31}

I will be perfectly honest.  I read that at least 4 times.
I couldn't get past the EVERYTHING.  I had been
stewing over a matter and had basically got the point I
was wallowing in it and I wanted to be upset over it
to be brutally honest.  BECAUSE, I felt I had the right
to be upset over it.  Ever been there?  So, I had a little
come to Jesus moment because my attitude was not
something that was doing anything for God's glory.  Period.


Sometimes, I hate that....but, today it was a relief. 

"Whatever you do...."


no way around it really.

I know I've read that verse so many times in the past.

But, what a great filter.

The perfect filter. 


It narrows things down very quickly doesn't it?

The particular study went on to even get more specific with me.
"One of the richest blessings that come from making the tough decisions
we've been talking about in this section - decisions to shift some things
into the background for this season of life so you can focus on what 
currently matters more - is that it unlocks your ability to finally do things
well, to do them in a way that magnifies and honors God.  Perhaps like many
women, you constantly feel like you're failing.  You end most days with the 
sense that you're inadequate, that you don't have what it takes, that you just
don't have it together like everybody else seems to."

This resolution is actually encouraging you in the opposite direction of 
perfectionism.  It's encouraging you to cut back {which goes totally against
the grain of the world view}to engage in only those activities in which God's
glory will be seen in this season of your life, and then apply yourself more 
fully to those.  

Don't save your best for later. 

Bring your best. 

Bring your best - all your gifts, skills, talents and abilities to the task
at hand - in this moment, for His glory.
Without a martyr complex.
Even if no one notices. 
{hmmm.....the laundry, anyone?}
Even if they notice but don't appreciate your efforts.
Do it anyway.  For His glory. 

In anything, everything, and whatever you do. 


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Jessica S. said...

ouch! SO needed that! thank you for sharing!!! =)