Monday, March 19, 2012


fail & some random thoughts.

Fail = movies today with friends that I chickened  opted out of
due to the weather forecast.  Not a drop of rain during that show. 
The boys are not the happiest of campers right now.

Speaking of camping, I think I am going to post tidbits 
to our upcoming adventure.  ;)  Everything from $$ to
equipment, to "I wish I had known this...." to the great
moments.  I am definitely hoping for the later since this 
will be our very first camping endeavor as a family.

Here is a quick rundown of where we are so far....

my very SWEET, {highly intelligent as she just landed a fellow 
at U of A} niece graduates this May {sob}.  Then, I have a wedding and
then....we are headed states away for our very first camp.  
The beach always calls, so that's where we'll be pitching. 

We have opted to go the minute we can in an attempt to avoid
the summer heat.   We will be staying for 10 days at probably
the prettiest beach area I have ever seen in my life.  {I can say that
because we drove there twice the last time we stayed in the vicinity}.

This was Scott's idea - so, I will give him credit.  If it turns out to be 
a bomb, I will also give him credit. ;)  JK, Honey!

So, for 10 days, our camp site fee {that includes water and elecricity}
was $280 total.  This first trip will definitely be our most expensive as 
we have ZERO supplies.  So, our tent, a 3 room cabin-style was $144
at good ole' Walmart {it received great reviews}.  I found a cooking
contraption from Coleman on sale for $39.  We've purchased various 
little things like hot dog sticks {around $2 each}, smores makers {around $3},
a popcorn maker {$15},  a complete Coleman cooking set for $22.
an LED latern with a lifetime light for $21.  Flashlights ranging from $2 - $15. 
Queen-sized air mattresses $50 each.   A few more odds and ends such as 
rope for a clothesline, etc.  I'll keep the list updated as we go.  We 
are trying to go as light as possible this first trip as we know we will
be hauling everything back + more, I'm certain.  

Okay, now to the location.  Paradise pure and simple.  I'll be toting along
my hammock.   You can see the lagoon side from our site and the 
most beautiful beach you have ever seen is on the other side.   I think
we'll take our bikes, although you can rent.  You can also rent pontoons to
cruise around the lagoon and go to the island, etc.   I absolutely cannot wait.  

I am hoping this will become something we do as a family for many years to
come.  Another perfect way to "unplug" and reconnect.  I think the memories will be priceless. 

So, any campers out there, I welcome ANY advice.    

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