Thursday, March 8, 2012

{all this time}

Even though yesterday was a beautiful day in comparison to
today's gloomy, cloudy day - it felt like the later yesterday. 

March 7.

To be honest, I hate seeing that date on the calendar.  And,
even if I were to attempt to ignore, the budding and blooming
trees and flowers always give it away to me that it is coming.

The day my daddy died. 

I did find comfort in this song by Britt Nicole
 {which also happens to be my sweet niece's name}

All This Time

I remember the moment
I remember the pain
I was only a girl
But I grew up that day
Tears were falling
I know You saw me

Hiding there in my bedroom
So alone
I was doing my best
Trying to be strong
No one to turn to
That's when I met You

All this time
From the first tear cry
To today's sunrise
And every single moment between
You were there
You were always there
It was You and I
You've been walking with me all this time

Ever since that day
it's been clear to me
That no matter what comes
You will never leave
I know You're for me
And You're restoring

Every heartache and failure
Every broken dream
You're the God who sees
The God who rescued me
This is my story
This is my story

I hear these people asking me
How do I know what I believe?
Well I'm not the same me
And I saw the proof I need
I felt Love I felt Your grace
You stole my heart that day 

I could never explain how true those words were and are to this day.
Maybe someday I will.

I remember the moments I wish I could forget, I remember finding God
in a way I had never known him before despite the shock and pain....
as painful as the day was, it forever changed me in a good way.  

It was a day that faith intertwined with every fiber I was.  And, am.

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