Saturday, September 3, 2011

{which is more painful}

Evan and I check for eggs several times a day.
He and I have completely enjoyed the entire process of the chickens.
Is it bad that they know me by name at Atwood's?  They say
I have spoiled chickens.   Maybe??  

I went and peeked earlier this morning as on weekends we
gather in the morning and evening because he just can't stand it.  I spied
3 in one spot, one dropped in the doorway of the coop and a new
one sitting who looked scared out of her mind.  Can't say I don't blame her.
I quietly closed the door and returned to the house and left her in privacy. 

 I reported everything to Evan. He of course wanted to go gather, but
I reminded him how scared this new mom was and we needed
 to give her some time alone.

His reply, "Oh, I can imagine her face being scared.  It probably looks
just like mine when I sit down to AR test.  That scares me to death!!"

Funny Boy!

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