Saturday, September 3, 2011

{pretty much perfect}


it has been pretty great thus far.

actually totally great.

after weeks and weeks of stressful chaos,
the skies are parting and i'm beginning to breath.

a bit.

still so much to do, but some major projects have been
tackled and completed. yay! i still have my nursing
license despite the hurricane hitting my testing center last week.
so, i have 40 hours under my belt instead of the required 15.
all is good. 

i had my quiet time on the patio this morning with a wonderful
devotion and a yummy cup of coffee.

while listening to my rooster crow.

laundry on the clothes line.

working in my pj's in the living room. with the
boys playing and reading around me.

music playing all morning.  no television.

a freshly cut lawn.

a sleeping dog.

and, a sleeping husband with a headache. :(
that part is not good at all. 

a playful kitty.

boys i can hear a room away playing legos.
and, giggling.

a pumpkin spice candle burning.

razorbacks with starting quarterback tyler wilson
playing at 6 pm.  WPS!!!!!

family coming over with pizza to watch said game.

heading out early in the morning for a final weekend
with summer.   our last hooray.  the smiles on the boys face will make
the crowd worth it.  {praying daddy gets to go this time}.

my fall calendar looks good. balanced. 

i've learned to say no.
and, i'm proud as terrible as that sounds.

countdown is on for new puppy, savannah.
cannot wait to get my hands on her.

i am feeling overly blessed.
overly happy.
overly content.

and, even though a to-do list that would
make any sane person cringe is still staring at
me.  i know the end is in sight.

my goal for getting everything under control:  to spend
more quality time with my family & friends both near and far. :)

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