Monday, September 26, 2011

{new to our home...}


well, not really, but I have only ever decorated for
fall, not halloween.  as many of you know, my
upbringing was rather strict and skewed and i 
always just stuck to fall.  it was "safe."  so, my
mom can blame mrs. t.h. for this.  TOTALLY kidding! ;)

 but, the boys are REALLY into halloween this year.
and, of course, the scarier stuff.  no longer will they let me
drape a super-hero cape on them.  so, what's a mom to do?

i prayed.  i know that must sound so silly to most.  i get that.
but, when you were raised as i's pretty much a part
of who you are now...good or bad.   so, i started trying to 
come up with answers for our family.  and, in doing so, i will
completely admit to having flashbacks of some of my VERY favorite
halloweens...the ones in witch i was a witch.  i made a VERY good
witch with all of that 80's hair.  and, my witch days were before things
went really awry at home in that department.  i LOVED it and it didn't
damage me and i didn't go to the dark side.  it was just FUN.

so, a couple weeks ago, i started collecting a small supply of
halloween decorations.  today, after i got back from the oil change,
tire rotations, wiper blade change, etc...i started pulling it all out.

i had about 45 minutes between returning home and picking up the boys.
i am spent.  primarily because of the events of the last 24 hours which
led to probably about 2 hours of interrupted sleep last night. 

and, i felt almost "wrong" for pulling it all out when so many in my family
are so sad.  and, didn't think i would blog it at all.  but, then, i realized...
terry was a GREAT mom.  i feel like i've let so much work and just 
life circumstances override the part of my mom heart that loves doing
little things for the boys. the little things i always want to them to remember
long after i am gone.   unfortunately, me putting so much off because
of all of my deadlines and unexpected interferences, i am not guaranteed
a next halloween nor a tomorrow.  so, i pulled it all out and the smiles
i got from the boys said it all.  it is nothing much at all.  and, it is contained 
in just our little area off the kitchen that will probably always be termed
the "train room" thanks to our lifelong friend thomas. ;)  but,
they were so surprised and keep telling me how much they love it.  evan
does say it could be scarier and his favorite thing is the spider.  yuck. 

and, this is the "after after" pictures thanks to having to baby proof due
to savannah.   at picture time all lights were unplugged and all things "dangly" as in the
cute spiders were piled in heaps thanks to puppy teething. 

and, overall i think it looks much more whimsical than "scary" anyway. ;) 

i have many fires that need to be put out tonight, but, for tonight
i think i will wrap myself up with the boys and savor

 tomorrow, i will start fresh again.   

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