Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{outdoor movie night}

well, our plans went a little off schedule due to immediately going from the spring
floods to the desert heat.  All 116+ degrees of it, with no in between relief.

soooo, now that i've made it through several weekends of weddings, 
we our planning on hosting our first outdoor {as in the pasture} family
'inspirational' movie night.  so, if you can bring your family,
your rolled-up quilts and snacks and drinks {we'll provide the popcorn}, &
your kiddos in their comfies to spend some time together
under the stars - we would love to have you!

it will begin at dusk {likely around 7:15ish} on October 8th.  There are at least two
additional evenings that we will likely host before it gets too cold. And, then we will
crank it up in early spring.  I'll post more specific information next week. 
And, feel free to invite anyone you would like....the more the merrier!!!!  

if you plan on coming, if you wouldn't mind to message me or comment
as it may be a tad easier on the first go around to have somewhat of a
number....and, any movie ideas as well.  i know we will not be able
to show one that not everyone has seen but i think it's about being
together as much as about what we view.   and, as it gets going, i think
it will be easier to "hold off" on buying/renting a dvd if you know that
it will be in the queue here.  this may seem like such a strange idea, but
i'm so excited.  i love anything under the stars and with my family &
friends makes it that much better!  

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