Tuesday, August 7, 2012

{it's official}

I've got my 'traveling' outfit laid out for the wee hours.

A very important component for me....it's all about being comfy.
Laying it out makes it official; that, and the fact I dropped the girls off.

I am praying that I can leave all of the work that will be left undone
behind me.  And, forget it.  REALLY forget it.  There are
late deadlines but, I am hoping the outcome of the time I spend on
the edits will soothe their frustrations.  I wish I could just have
a few weeks without the unexpected{S}....then maybe I could halfway stay
caught up.  That, and learning to use the naughty word of no. I have
worked like a madwoman but we got hit hard over the past week
with multiple illnesses and multiple requests that were not on the agenda.  
We should have left Sunday, but it will be Wednesday.
 I am hoping to forget it all because....my boys {or my littles, as Dixie Delights calls
 them} simply deserve that.   I want to there present with them 100%. 
 I have one night of sessions, but that is it.  This time, I plan on dumping that
 last trip on its head in comparison.  I need to "be" and "be still" with them
in a tremendous way for not only my heart, but my sanity.

Well, I'm wrapping up my have-tos and hope to be in bed at a decent
hour and then we will begin our last hurrah for summer.  Sad
to see her go, but am going to squeeze every last bit out of
her that I can.    Be back soon!!!

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