Friday, August 3, 2012

{a new beach has been discovered}

First, I am about to surmise that a relaxing beach vacation
is not in the plans for us this year. 

Tropical Storm Ernesto is gaining strength and expected
to hit the Gulf of Mexico early next week.
The Gulf that we are suppose to be in early next week.

At, this point it is a wait and see because the path is unknown.
Will it turn to the left?  Turn to the right?  Convert its power
into a hurricane as expected?  Dissipate? 

That kind of unknown makes it a bit difficult to plan.
I feel de ja vu from last September. 
We decided last minute not to go. 
According to our friends, it was probably for the best.

To go or not to go?

While I'm on the subject of beaches, let
me share another favorite summer find of mine.

Instead of actually going to the beach,  I may have to simply resort to eating
one.   Pure yumminess in my spoon!
I may be living on this beach all winter long.

{picture per Amazon}

Over the summer, we have really worked hard at a new eating plan.
We have all lost of bit of weight {except skinny E, he's on the low side anyway,
so I have to make sure he gets enough calories!}
Our eating plan has simply been healthier with attempts to steer away
from all of the processed foods and lean more into natural, increased
whole wheat, more fruits and veggies, organic,  etc. 

Noah has done extremely well with this, we are so, so proud!
And, he is very invested in the change as he is currently
asking questions, making wise choices, eating so well.
By no means is he on a diet, just a complete diet change.
He loves Kashi cereal and I found this flavor on Amazon. 
The boxes are smaller, but apparently still contain what you would
get in other boxes just without all of the air as it is very compacted. 
A bit pricey, but I'd rather pay extra for something more
wholesome for the boys than have them eat more inexpensive junk. 

Oh, my goodness!  It tastes so much like no bake cookies it is unreal. 
Given, a 1/2 cup of this awesome stuff has 230 calories, but when
paired with skim milk and a piece of fruit it's all good. 
And, it's so dense it is very filling.  Super high in fiber and high
in protein as well. 

Very, very good, I might add.  
In more ways than one.
Which makes it even better.

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