Friday, August 3, 2012

{behind closed curtains}

Unless you show up unexpected, you would never know
that all of this stuff for the studio sits haphazardly
behind closed curtains.  Those curtains save me.

These pictures do not even do justice to the overload. 
And, some of the overload has already flowed into the barn.
There is no room left in the inn.

Garage doors:  check

Heating and air:  check

Electrical:  check

Insulation:  begins tomorrow

Barn doors:  begin next week

Walls start going up: in one week.

Soon, maybe soon, this storage room will revert to
days long ago when it was a simple dining room. 

And, for clarification, most of anything in there that is bright is
actually just a prop besides the rugs and they are in various
places such as entry, bathroom, etc.  Everything else for the
studio {in the boxes} is very light and airy. 

A wee bit excited...  

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