Wednesday, April 4, 2012

{the good, the bad & the ugly}

of my extraordinarily, ordinary Monday, Monday.

This post will bore you and is for no one but me, myself and I.  I wanted to remember these blurred days in some manner - so, I think from time to time I will post the events of the day.  Yes, I am to the minute basically, but that is how I've billed for the law firm for 10 yrs + {simply in a different format than minutes though}...naturally, it is now how my brain functions re: all things related to time.

But, as crazy as this will seem to some, it may either be a positive or a negative for me.  I feel like I am constantly running and accomplishing little.  I know that EVERYONE is beyond busy.  This is absolutely not an "I'm busier than you" boat.  If it were, I could probably do better by jumping out and swimming.  But, one, I want to remember.  Two, if there is insight out there on chunks of time I am spinning my wheels on, I welcome the insight.

Today is a very relaxed, somewhat boring day.  I've tried to block off Mondays as none "work" days because I am working so many Saturdays right now.  Basically, a day to catch up.  But, being self-employed, there are still work "fires" I will have to address and put out regardless.  It just feels better to know I don't have to go anywhere or complete a session on this day.  

In other words, I don't have to wash my hair.

So, here goes.... 

6:01 - alarm goes off {the first time}...I actually got UP and walked across the room to reset it x 3 and finally rolled out of bed {running at this point} at precisely 6:45. So tired?? 
6:45-7:30 - kids up/ready, breakfast made, lunches packed, my toast scarfed, book order filled out, snack grabbed - out the door and on the road by 7:30
7:55 - kiss boys goodbye
8:24 - arrive back home, decide that officially joining 4-H tonight isn't very likely, therefore, I will skip the hair wash day...quick shower and sunscreen on face.
8:34 - phone begins ringing for the day.  A new MD appt tomorrow for Scott {I COMPLETELY forgot about}.
8:47 - finished my quiet time, ironically titled, "Sabbath Spaces"
8:48 - 2nd load of laundry in washer
8:50 - 9:01 dogs awake and out for a quick walk
9:01 - coffee on.  PTL.
9:01 - clean kitchen with Air1 blaring.
9:22-9:36 quick sweep of the living room/dust/vacuum
9:36-9:42 sat down at desk in LR to weed through the pile that had accumulated over the weekend, update calendar, highlight lunch menu for yes/no's {there are only 5 days in April that one or both will not be packing a lunch}, cameras, lenses, CF cards, etc 
9:42-10:10  pulled up FB and two email accounts to check for/respond to photography messages, take call re: farm purchase, review paypal acct for new payments/transfer to account, etc.
10:10-0:13 update today's To-Do-List
10:13-10:25  3rd load of laundry in/switched - clean sweep of foyer/office
10:25-10:55 week's forecast checked, confirmation sent to tomorrow's session, scheduled 4 MD appts, peeked in on the blogs of my friends - apparently they are on a hiatus. :(
10:55-11:38 - invoiced and settled a wedding account on new accounting system, deposits readied, contacted 2nd photog re: upcoming wedding and ate an orange while standing at kitchen sink. ;)
11:38-12:04  4th load of laundry switch-a-roo,  both dogs out, chickens fed & watered {no eggs, they are on strike since they've been kicked out of their coop for the little ones}, walk-through barn since the crew is on lunch break. 
12:04-12:25  pull bridal packet to send {out of them, lovely}, print and package bridal packet to mail today, f/u with bride via email that it is being shipped today  
12:25-12:36 conversed with 2nd photog re: upcoming wedding
12:41 - finished a blog update
12:41-1:14 5th load of laundry switch {disclaimer:  some of these loads only have a few items;}, lunch of sandwich & veggie chips, read a chapter of James, took dogs out.  again.
1:14-1:20 farm distraction ;)
1:20-1:25 online order from USPS for supplies
1:25-1:46 online order for AMC
1:46-1:52 decision on studio lighting for order
1:52-2:09 had to move all vehicles to avoid barn paint over spray
2:09-2:24 finish edit of a wedding gallery
2:24-2:31 size and add additional pictures into said wedding gallery
2:31-3:48 leave house, scrap dinner plans: order pizza, get gas, pick up boys/pizza, bank, post office, return home for evening {hmmm...tweaked that a bit - took different car that didn't need gas, decided against the pizza, quick trip by bank and post office, then home}
3:48-5:08 prepare 3 CDs of wedding, package, print/sign releases, instructions for printing, 3 phone calls, etc - boys were having snacks and wrapped up homework.
5:08-5:20 order new CD tins and inserts
5:20-5:34 START.  Yes, I said start taxes.
5:34-6:07 outside to play.  Finally. :)  Until the rain. :(
6:07-7:45 watched a movie with the boys / Noah watched and read a book.
7:45-8:30 boys ready for bed.  Trying to keep E calm as the Iowa Testing begins tomorrow and I am trying to rid him of fretting.  Prayers.
9:20-finally got Evan in bed for the.last.time.of.the.night.
9:30-2:10 taxes.

Again, a strange post but pretty much for my eyes only.   Some days my days feel very mundane and the next day feels very much the same, Ground Hogs Day, anyone?  But, many days that is how I get from Point A of the alarm ringing to bedtime. My days definitely do not always look like the day above.  Some days they actually have some fun and other days they can be crazy-frantic. What I am desperately trying to "get" at my ripening old age is...that ALL of the little moments count.  Yes, my family needs clean underwear, but they also need me to keep my spirit fresh.  I can look above and see some definite items missing that direly need to be incorporated, such as some physical activity.  I need to carve and reshapen as much as I possibly can.  I need all of those little moments to count.  Because basically ANYTHING we do - the ink on the calendar or the prayers at bedtime - are testaments to His work in my life.

And, how does the above post have absolutely anything to do with something as monumental as a legacy....I'll get to that in a later post.  I think I'll revisit my activities of the day at random and see what I can glean! 

There is always something to clean {that was an honest typo!} glean isn't there? 

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