Thursday, October 21, 2010

{for the sake of remembering}

Not that I will ever forget as I think it was my fear that it would never happen. But, he continues to shock me silly.

Evan loaded into the car yesterday as he was talking {ahem, screaming} and talking so stinkin fast{ his Aunt Angie} that I had to have him repeat it three times. And, the once I heard it, had to have him repeat it once again. Student of the Month. Yay! And, in his defense, it wasn't that I was fearful it wasn't in him, I was just fearful it wouldn't get out. If you know him, you understand. :) He is one happy boy and I am one proud mommy!

Then, Noah explains he had his online reading evaluation. Although he has always read at a high level - even I had to read it twice. Soooo proud! And, even more so of the effort he is putting in this year. He is reading so much more than what is required and ENJOYING it. It makes Evan so mad because it cuts into their evening play time. :)

And, tonight at music, bombshell #2. Evan is apparently picking it up much quicker than what is typical. Who knew? He does not like to practice which is a real issue. But, if he will.......Noah may have little brother nipping at his heels.

In saying all of that....I truly am not bragging. Just so happy to see them grow and learn!

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Erin said...

Woo Hoo!! I felt the same way when Evan got student of the month a couple of weeks ago. So thankful the good boy made his way to the surface!!! Are both of your boys taking piano lessons? Evan started this summer and is amazing me with his continued interest. He's not great, but definitely enjoying it:)