Monday, May 20, 2013

{monday, monday}

still gaining ground here! :) 
this is truly the first morning i've been able to stay up;
although at one point i did have to fight through the fatigue. 
just some randomness of my morning....
my kitchen is {semi} clean!!!  oh, my goodness if you
could have seen it over the past two weeks.  between scott and i both
being sick.  it was a sight.  and, not a very good one.  floors are
even swept and mopped, oh, happy day!

the above.  i clearly do not discriminate seasonal fragrances. one of my very
favorites and my last one from the after Christmas sale.  however,
i have ordered a crazy amount of beach from scentsy.  it should
arrive just in time for me to be able to smell again. 
lots of fresh fruit going on around here. 
noah's fav.

little red pot on the left, my mother's day gift from
evan two years ago.  yes, i have miraculously kept it alive. 
although we've had several close calls. 
the big black pot that showed up filled with dirt unannounced,
is a little boys hope to sprout a cherry tree.
after a little internet research, i convinced him to let
us buy him one; and he can lovingly tend to that. 
 does not look very likely we can
successfully grow one from a pit. {well, you can, but
it can be very complicated and actually fruitless
[LITERALLY] and being in arkansas
does not help at all.    the 10 week chilling
in the fridge was the clencher.  { he was sad, but
quickly got over it.   i'll be 99 by the time it is
producing fruit. ;)     
my life saver of late.

i cleaned all fingerprints and grim off the fridge.
it was worthy of a post.

above is my quiet time / reading spot.  it's just comfy.
and, gaudy.  

and, last but not least one of my favorite things
in my kitchen.  i love it so much, i leave it out in all
its scruffy, cut up glory.  my paula deen cutting board.
there is something about it that just shouts - domestic. 
i know.
maybe a little low on the oxygen sats this morning.  
happy monday everyone!

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Tonia Hobbs said...

Sweet Post. Sweet Home. I am so thankful you are feeling better.