Tuesday, May 21, 2013

{in this moment}

there are no fancy dinners to go to, 
we'll be having the left over pizza we didn't 
get to eat last night because of the storm hitting.

in this moment, 
i hear legos being plowed through 
my little hands two rooms away. 
i could care less the room is riddled with 
legos all over the floor. 

in this moment, i can see one
cute little guy working on a project for 
school.  that was not assigned.  he constantly
creates projects and homework.
hmmm....i wonder where he gets that? lol.

in this moment, my house may not 
been the cleanest or most organized at the moment.
but, it is warm, safe and dry.

in this moment, scott is on his way home 
from spending the day with his dad.  all
family members are accounted for. 

in this moment, i hear rain and occasional
thunder, but no sirens or crazy wind.  all is calm.

in this moment - i am simply thankful and grateful
beyond words.  

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