Sunday, May 19, 2013

{i'm over it}

but, in reality, I wish that were the case.

i am literally sick of being sick.

it seems like i take one step forward and a couple back.
however, i am sooooo much better than i was - but, just
not gaining ground as fast as i would like or need to. 

i'm taking a load of medications including not so
lovely steroids for my lungs.  my fatigue level
is crazy.  but, i'm not in all of the achy pain i was. 

unfortunately, evan is showing some symptoms
but isn't feeling bad {yet}.  i'm on the verge of taking
scott back to the doctor as he has finished his
antibiotics but is still far from great.  
that is my whine for the day.

i know it could be so much worse, but
i'm just ready to feel decent again.

session tonight, let's see how this goes!  

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