Saturday, December 29, 2012

{i may just like this....}

a little too much.
i have a lot to post.
but, am immensely enjoying
not doing anything associated with a list. 
i'm actually simply doing a lot of
what i want.
playing with the boys.
web browsing.
plans for 2013.
sitting in places other than a computer.
still enjoying my christmas decorations. 
dreaming of an extra-special vacation for the boys.
it has been so great.
i'm sure this will have an impact
on the upcoming calendar.
speaking of calendars.......
does anyone have the same problem as me.
finding one i love.
then, finding one i love better.
and, maybe another one. 
it's crazy.
so far, i'm on my 2nd one for 2013.
now, i'm off to shoot a beautiful little
model that is kind enough to help me test
out my lighting and a new backdrop. 

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