Wednesday, November 14, 2012

{it's a toss up}

I'm swimming.
Or, drowning.
It completely depends on the perspective at the moment.
Or, the moment.
Because it changes rapidly.
It's that time of the year that is very difficult
to juggle and balance, but I love it so.
The weather gave me havoc this year.
But, I think I will have everyone covered. 
My eyes are fixed.
On the weekend ahead. 
Three days away with nothing but my three boys.
A very generously, sweet client gifted us with a
weekend away.  Tucked in a lodge for three days.
My perspective at the moment causes my
heart to palpitate just a bit because three days away
seems LONG right now.  Too long. 
 But, I have a feeling when
I'm in the midst of them and come Monday
those three days will have flown quickly. 
Although I'm busier than a bee right now and my
head screams with all the reasons why I shouldn't go,
my heart is pulling me more.
I'm thinking the timing could not be more perfect.
And, I'm pretty certain that when I get back, all
 will fall into place simply because of the
much needed rest and time away.
For now, I'm back at it.
But, looking forward to Friday.
and, Saturday,
and, Sunday.

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