Thursday, November 22, 2012

{happy thanksgiving}

Before this day is completely gone from the calendar, I wanted to jot down some of the moments purely for my sake. 

Because we were hit with some sickness {okay, the worst stomach bug I have ever witnessed one of my children go through} and Thanksgiving had to be "cancelled", we opted to enjoy every ounce of it, despite.   And, in the whole scheme of things, once I dried some little eyes over the fact that we wouldn't get to see our family, we did just that.  We had a great Thanksgiving.

Since I had not set foot off the property since we arrived home on Monday, I got a list together of favorite requests and headed to the craziness of Fort Smith at oh, about 6 pm on Thanksgiving Eve.  I know.  But, I didn't have much of a choice. 

And, by the way, a certain unnamed friend left a sweet surprise on the gate for the boys that I retreived on my way out.  And, just so you know - they have played and played with that and absolutely love it.  Thank you once again does not do justice.  But, a sincere thanks.  It whisked away some boredom in a badly needed way.

Okay, back to Sam's on the eve of Thanksgiving.  That really says it all.  So, after a quick run into two more grocery stores, a quick run home to unload and then portrait deliveries, I returned home after 10:30 pm.  Exhausted. 

This morning, knowing it would just be the four of us, allowed me to move at a much slower pace than the norm.  I actually stayed in my pj's as did the boys.   Cleaned as I went.  Listened to a blaring radio.  Donned my new Vera Bradley apron.  And, enjoyed cooking each of their favorites.  No rushing.  

I then lit the Christmas lights on the pergola.  Set a table with what I had on hand and made it "fallish".  Gathered wood, lit the outdoor fireplace and then we actually had probably the best dinner we've ever had together.  The leaves were beautiful.  The temperatures perfect.  I could hear the chickens chirping.  The conversation was silly and great. It was one of those freeze frame moments for my  heart. 

What started out to be a disappointment turned into a perfect day for us.  Very simple.  But, one I will never, ever forget. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! There are no words for how thankful and grateful I am. 

And, now, my house looks like Christmas exploded.   More on that later! ;) 

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