Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{out of sight......}

Yes, once again I have been snatched by aliens.
That happens alot around here.
It is 10:39 am
I actually got FULLY dressed with makeup this morning. 
That took awhile.
I have dropped the boys off.
Celebrated a Student of the Month breakfast with sweet E. 
Purchased a few groceries as the cupboards were bare. 
Looked for essential pieces for Halloween costumes.  Strike.
Now, a trip to Ft. Smith will occur at some point today.
Or tomorrow, after all, I have one more day. 
Dropped the hubby off at the in-laws.
Unloaded MOST of the groceries.
Answered emails and messages.
Started laundry load #1.
Taken both dogs for walks separately.
Don't ask.  It's a time killer though.
Tried to find a bellering cow.  Decided
she was having a near death experience in
birthing.  Did I mention it is calving season?
Called the hubby and in-laws.  No answer.
It is also wheat and rye planting season here on the farm.
Jump in the car to just go get hubby.
Return home, drive through some fields learned that
George {who is actually a mama cow, don't ask} had
escaped her confines away from the herd and left her
baby fields away.  But, she decided to lounge in the sun for a bit
before resuming the search.  Crazy cows.  That's exactly what
I'd do if I left my baby somewhere I couldn't remember and
had been distraught just minutes before?  Sun. 
Return home to discover the dogs had gotten into the trash.
And, now, I am chopping apples and steaming veggies for myself.
NO, that would be for the chickens.
Because this girl is out of chicken feed.  
Now, to start my day.
Coffee, please. 

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