Monday, October 10, 2011

{isn't she lovely??}

i am tickled pink!!! 

sorry, i couldn't resist....

but, when we turn 40 in the walker-wiggins family,
the sister-in-laws get a quilt from our uber-talented
SIL, angie.

dentist by day, quilter by every other moment in between.
i kid you not.

so, i have known for years i would be a lucky girl the 
year i turned 40.  another bit of icing on the cake. 
when she asked what i had in mind, i told her....
i wanted pink, pink and more pink. 

my house and everything that surrounds me is 
not girly.  at all.  i think i shyed away from pink
living in a house full of boys so i wanted my quilt
to surround me in girly-girl colors and patterns.

she did not disappoint. 

i received it last night and it is perfectly beautiful
in every way.  i can't keep staring at it as i continously
find a new detail.  i can't thank her enough!

i am in love!  

 the pretty!

the boys will hate it, but i think i'm going to incorporate this in our
family pics this year.  they can suffer for a bit! 

i plan on many hours snuggling under this blanket, being
wrapped up with a sick child,  watching movies with the mr., 
dreaming, rainy days, and simply taking in its beauty.

thank you so much angie!  it is such a treasure! 


Katie said...

That quilt is beautiful! Wow!

Stacy Carter said...

Oh, I'm a lover of all quilts and I think that might be the most beautiful one ever!!! Love it!

meeksmiles33 said...

Love it Shannon!! Its beautiful!!