Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"tiptoeing back in?}

june 2013 was my last post. 
i've missed it SO much, but everything
else has held a greater priority it seems.
but, i had to dig through the archives to find
a particular post a few weeks ago {confession:
how i set up my Halloween décor last year to make
things easier, lol} and got caught up in reading and
looking through old posts.  SOOOOOO.....
do i dare say that i am back?  several of my
friends have fallen off the wagon as well.
life is just TOO busy.
but, i am going to put forth some great effort here. between
a massive amount of work {i don't even want to detail the mounds
of that right now}, to an unexpected revamp of the evening schedule
for some frequent football practice, to many unexpected health issues of
family members and very untimely deaths/funerals, busy school days,
a house that has imploded,  two cars that are in dire need of servicing,
etc, etc, etc. - i am determined to be back. 
just in time for the holidays. 
i've tiptoed back in and am going to
post a random picture to seal the deal. 
a final nod to summer as we are about to
be hit by our first artic blast.


Tonia Hobbs said...

Well hello there! I have been waiting for you to arrive.

Shannon said...

LOL, Tonia Hobbs!