Friday, June 21, 2013

{time is flying!}

how is it that we are already at the end of June??!?
makes me sad, but, i'm trying to focus on the here and now.
all the while in a dead run. 
since today is the first day of summer, it seemed
like I should at least post something.  but, for now,
as i am in a mad dash to prepare and leave town for
a wedding.  snippets only will have to do. 
we are doing loads of this.....
this has become my therapy.....

first fruits....YUM!
{a new compact variety for my raised beds}

new garden design.  it rained so much we couldn't get
it tilled - so, scott bulldozed a "raised" big bed.  so far, so good! 
except for the rabbits! :(

noah is eating very healthy this summer by request.
homemade blueberry muffins, fresh berries and skim milk.  

evan is not partaking.  pass the cocoa puffs please.
but, he eats healthy 90% of the time - almost too healthy, so
he gets a breakfast pass. ;)
a quick trip to magic springs to see building 429.  we got there
as the water park was closing.  sad little guys!  ice cream made
it all better though! :)  

contemporary christian concerts are something i love chasing
with the boys!  i never have to worry about lyrics and 
it is AMAZING to literally worship under the stars. love
every aspect of it.  :)

 my little loves.
daddy doesn't do concerts. :(

no sand, but still fun!

the lead singer came really close into our area. 
evan wanted to "touch him".  i'm glad he didn't! ;)
one of the best messages i have ever heard at a concert.
i HIGHLY recommend building 429 music and
they just had a new album release. 

so far production is down, but, we are getting what we can.  

literally when we can.
i am the new official weather girl on the
farm. i get calls throughout the day for
radar checks.  stressful when you
have hay on the ground or just hours away
from it being cured.

lots of creative time.

now did this as a joke. 
i didn't laugh. ;)

my little raised beds.  the pictures do not
do them justice at all.  i am loving them.
i've got loads of fresh basil that i've been eating
daily,  tons of dill for upcoming canning,
cilantro for yummy salsa, several varieties of
peppers, compact tomatoes, parsley, lavender
and loads of flowers.  LOVE.

i am determined to keep these lovelies alive this summer.
i'll just ignore the water bill.

random goggles on the bumper of the car...

sweet killdeer {spelling?} eggs.  i am
overfeeding the cats so they won't be as tempted.

pretty blue eggs that i climbed a tree to peek at until
i heard {but did not see} angry mama bird. 
stray cat named morris.
i guess i should name the stray raccoon that visits our
back porch every night.  he looks like a herman as
he scatters away when i open the door and he gives
me a heart attack.    

it will never be done.

my little compacts produce crazy amounts of tomatoes.
bell pepper for my mother in law. 

it's getting there.  slowly but surely.

am loving these double bloom petunias.  almost look like
peonies.  if you squint tight enough.

boys had just exited right before i started snapping.  
love watching this process.  the little tendrils amaze me.
God thought of every single detail.

my first cucumber.  days of canning coming soon!
i have a blue ribbon recipe this year to mix it up a bit. 

don't judge.
i am going to amaze the three doubters i live with.
this will soon be covered in pumpkins!
i have no little doubt.

the only leftovers from last year. 
we came close. too close.


you can't really see, but wild blackberries are everywhere.

the pond is full.

there is hay out there!

 feeling very blessed.
now, if i can just get completely caught up with work.
life would be very different. 
praying that happens soon!

i need a tutorial on emoji's.


going through lots of this.

nothing very exciting happening around here. 
but, evan told me today he loves being home
as he  wrapped himself up in a blanket.
no dispute from me.

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