Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{i am not holding my breath}

waiting for the phone to ring from Better Homes & Gardens.
I have one pretty on my patio. 
well, two because this lovely bush has a twin on the
other side.  But, THIS is the reality out there....
a winter disaster still.
grass has overtaken the brick patio.
christmas snowflake lights still hang.
there is a table full of washed seashells laid out to dry and
then strewn by the wind.
the boys pool sits on the right side of the back porch.
all planters are empty. 
there is a bevy of farm tools and shoes dropped
at the doorway. 
dirty chair pads.
pool tools.
our kitkat.
and, our stray.

i am posting in hopes that i will have a
spring clean and pretty patio soon!
therefore, i mortified myself with a purpose in mind.

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