Thursday, April 11, 2013

{5 weeks}


it's been FIVE weeks since i've blogged.
and, a lot has happened in those five weeks.

the good, the bad, the ugly.


in an attempt to not be a half-glass-empty-kinda-girl
at this very moment, i will simply post that i am 
alive and kicking {thank the LORD and I mean
that literally}....but, otherwise, this post will be brief
other than to say....

*i am so very thankful it is spring
*i am sitting in a living room with 2 dogs
and 2 boys simply thankful
*taxes are DONE!
*new chicks were added today {pretty
white laced red cornish and a barred
rock, i think}
*i am thankful for all of the business, but
am overwhelmed with all of the rainouts and
no room to quickly reschedule them
*i am thankful for sunday and all that it 
entailed.  evan's baptism was precious.
i didn't take a single picture.  it was
one of those moments i simply wanted to 
"be" in and not 
behind a camera.  i think i shock people.
*i've been trying several new recipes. 
it was a healthy chicken nugget recipe
tonight.  FAIL.  BIG fail! 
*so thankful our precious B is doing better.
*sand remains in my car.
*shells remain on my patio 'drying out'
in the never-ending rain. 
*i've been on a roller coaster ride of late -
and, i've hated every second of it.  but, again,
life tends to happen and all i've known to 
do it pray and pray some more.  
the song "worn" could have been written by me.
but, i trust i'll be on the other side of this
struggle soon.  life is definitely not all mountain tops
with pretty butterflies flittering around. ;) 


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