Thursday, February 21, 2013

{laid back}

or out, I'm not quite sure.

I have been sick for a few days and 
that likely peaked last night.  Or, at least I pray that was
the peak.  But, instead of trying to work like
I did yesterday,  I am literally taking it easy today.

Minus three blankets I had last night.  

Today, I'm  down to only
 one quilt {from my precious mamma - it has
always been my comfort quilt.  that could be 
a post all of its own - in vitro days, many sick days,
surgeries, babies, etc, etc, etc}

But, today, I've drank lots of fluids, stayed
bundled up in this freak thunderous snow and 
ice storm,  taken my Motrin every single time 
it is due and read a lot.  The reading has been 
the only blessing in disguise with this. 

Just finished the Jeremy Camp book.
I cried all the way through.  So many things
I needed to read and so many things I related to.
His childhood literally mirrored mine.  Now
if my "walk" could mirror his.  

Pretty amazing especially since I was
able to take the boys a couple years ago
and hear his amazing testimony.   

Now to the next one in my stack.
And, a reminder that I need to make
more time for this - to make a more
concerted effort in being "still" instead of
the forced- mode only. 

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